MMA TIG LIFT ARC MMA electrodes 1.6 to 4.0mm Single phase 230V Direct current (DC)

The INVERTER 5000 is a revolutionary product with unmatched welding characteristics not only for basic electrodes but also for the rutiles, stainless steel, cast iron electrodes

INVERTER technology welding unit with microprocessor control. Tactile keyboard and digital display.

MMA : the product arc dynamic is revolutionary and unique on the market. Basic electrodes no longer cause trouble. This product does not only integrate Arc Force and Anti Sticking functionality but it is also the only single phase welding unit on the market to offer an adjustable Hot Start for all types of electrodes

TIG LIFT ARC : With its microcontroller, the starting in TIG mode is very easy

The product is protected to function on generators and against supply voltage variations (+/15%).

Endowed with an index of protection IP23, the product is particularly suited for outdoor works.

Given its very high duty cycle on high intensity, it is recommended to plug it on a 16A plug with delayed fuse, or to adapt it to a more powerful plug.

The product is delivered in a plastic case with MMA accessories. (earth clamp and electrode holder).


Option : Tig torch valve

Rf . 044425 Cable length 4 m Connectors 10/25 mm


Bovenstaande zijn fabriek en verkoop specificatie's, edoch mijn ervaring met het vele laswerk in alle positie's is erg goed.

Ook met slecht startende elektrode's geen enkel probleem door de hoge startspanning.

Je kan 2.5 mm elektrode op een 12Ampere huis installatie goed verlassen en 3.25 mm op een normale 16Ampere huis installatie.

Ik ben erg tevreden en heb de oude kopergewikkelde transformator verkocht en werk buiten de werkplaats alleen met de GYS 5000 Inverter.

In de werkplaats voor staal gebruik ik Mig met menggas Argon/Co2 35/65, en voor RVS wederom de GYS 5000 Inverter.