Vista Cruise Universal Cruise Control


This cruise control has a ring assembly that fits over the top of the grip. 

This ring assembly connects to an arm that goes over the top of the switch housing. 

The other end of the arm connects to a clamp that attaches to the handlebar between the throttle housing and the switch housing.

This cruise control fits the majority of motorcycles available to date.

I like the Vista cruise control, high comfort and the low price of  $30




 I do not like the arm that connects to a clamp that attaches to the handlebar over the switch housing.

What to do? Well I made a stainless steel plate (1 mm) between the throttle and the switch housing.

With a bend to the trottle-cable site and mounted with the same screws and a screw hole on the ring assembly.
see the picture below





 vorm.jpg    Bend on dot-line,
   make your own model first on papier to messure the right position.

So I now have a clean mounted cruise control.


Buyers attention:  There are two versions cruise control: one for the 7/8 bar and one for the 1" diameter bar.

Where to buy:   search for:  Universal Vista Motorcycle Cruise Control  search for:  vista-cruise-universal-cruise-control   search for:  vista-cruise-universal-cruise-control

and so on




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