Backrest DIY for the Suzuki Intruder VL1500


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The result!

How its made?

The trolley is mounted on the 2 bolts from the passenger seat on the 1500.   I have used a steel strip 40 x 4.5 mm. (50 x 5 or 60 x 6 is also possible)

One site I have a peace of steel welded wherein the 6.5 mm holes are bored for mounting on the bike. (imported ! use 6.5mm drill and not 6mm because the trolley must be (spring loaded)

strip 40 x 4.5 mm

strip 60 x 6 mm

Under the strip a peace of thick rubber

Because I can not bend the 60 x 6 mm strip, I cut the strip witch a grinder in, bend it and then weld it together


The backrest is mounted with 3 chrome m6 bolds is a original Yamaha backrest pad part no. STR-5GA41-50-01  
) bolded on the strip.

60x6 mm
strip with "ears"




A local blacksmith can also bend the strip if you can't.

Have fun making your own backrest....





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