Hyundai & KIA stoplamp switch 93810-3K000 Brake lamp sensor 938103K000.





The brake light switch.
Small device with great effect.

Small device with great effect of the brake light switch bears his name, because it activates the brake lights when braking. Thus its function in modern cars but still not sufficiently described, because it transmits this information also to numerous electronic components such as engine control, the vehicle dynamics control (ESP) and the anti-lock braking system (ABS). Brake light switch can come as a double switch along with a brake pedal switch to use to check the position of the brake pedal on plausibility. One of these components is damaged, this can lead to strange error messages, and odd behavior of the car. So the warning signs of the ABS or ESP light maybe. Maybe the signals just flare up and gone on reboot again. Also restricted engine power can be a consequence of a broken brake light switch up to a standstill, because the motor control for security reasons ignores the position of the accelerator pedal while the brake is activated. Should you detect a similar problem picture on your vehicle, so a look at the brake light switch is worth. He is usually near the brake pedal could be broken due to corrosion or mechanical stress





With normal towing a trailer, not every day, but after 10 years, the switch was defect (points burnd). On the old switch stands: 8A12, maybe 12 volts and Max 8 amp.

Just a few weeks the warning signals of the ESP light up ahead of time. The signals just flare up and again were gone on restart from the engine.

Compute: 3 stoplamps (L/R+middle) @ 20 watt = 60 watt /12= 5 ampere, with a trailer 3 lampen you have then total 10 Ampere!

I  make a car-relays on the trailer connection. With a fuse 5-7.5 Ampere.


  2016snap000997.jpg       2016snap000999.jpg

After the exchange no problem more with the ESP or brake lamp !

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With a fuse on the relay is handy, but you must the fuse changed for a 5 Ampere!


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